Monday, July 4, 2011

I am Silverlight MVP and I am still here for Silverlight

I am Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Silverlight Year 2011-2012

This is my 4th time to won Microsoft MVP Award and 3rd time for Silverlight.On 1st July 2011 I got following Email from Microsoft MVP Award Program :


Things which I am doing from last few years made me MVP again :

I am doing Blog posts here for you and you only,I love this activity. Also I delivered few sessions on Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 in my local community,More you can see at my Public Microsoft MVP Profile here :

I keep on updating things on this portal as soon as I contribute something towards you, A log kind of thing you can say. This is helpful for me especially when I become lazy, It’s a wake up call for me and reminds me to drop all laziness and start working on again.

What went wrong for me in Year 2010 and early 2011 :

I recently rather now 4-5 months back went under 2 surgeries on my kidney,it was nothing critical health issue though but because of that there was some gap in my work and activities. It took almost 2-3 months to come things on track again.Hence during Early December to Mid March I was bit idle and isolated from technology, In month of April and May also I suffer from high fever for 2 weeks which again kept me away from Computer.

Well, I am very much thankful to my family,close friends and off course you people,my readers ! with your support from July 2010 I was able to come out of this unhealthy scenario and what I did from July 2010 to December 2010 given me big energy to contribute by which I was able to contribute again in last couple of months like from April to July 2011.

My MVP Lead Abhishek Kant is also a key person throughout my MVP awards from year 2008, without his guidance it was not possible to come to this stage and win MVP Award for 4 times in a row. Thanks to him as well.

Year 2010 was not easy ! Year 2011-2012 - Difficult life ahead, Be ready :

Beside my Health, there was loads of fumes and fire flames, Horrifying pain which cause due to that “Silverlight will not be focus” kind of announcement made by Microsoft. Growing giant of HTML5 not only kept me on fire but it was like a cold war. It was difficult time wherein most of my time went to define Silverlight and HTML5 and their capabilities to Customer, Now somehow I can see things coming to normal.

In India, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 ecosystem didn’t made any significant progress in terms of availability of Marketplace and overall development in year 2010. So I took decision and gamble a bit to focus also on Windows Phone 7 beside Silverlight. It worked well for me as Silverlight was mutual platform. I am very happy now that I did my best to initiate Windows Phone 7 moment from my end towards community at my best.

I am very clear with my role on Silverlight and HTML5 which I blogged recently here. With the rumors of HTML5 + JS will be one of the stake holders for developing Windows 8 Apps,Now its time to identify and define Role of Silverlight. Microsoft may define role of Silverlight after Build event but we must start defining role of Silverlight for our work from this very day.

Uncertainty is just next door,yes I am serious,See this post :

Sad and painful news but its truth, So you will never know where you will be next year !

We will be together for Silverlight Today,Tomorrow and in future :

As Microsoft MVP for Silverlight and as Silverlight Insider, I assure you all that I will give my best in year 2011-12 and I will try my best to spend more and more time in with you in terms of Blog posts, Code Samples and Videos.

Silverlight 5 and Windows Phone 7 will be my prime focus, but beside that there is a wild and crazy plan to start looking into HTML5 and WPF as well.

So thanks once again for all your love,feedback,support and wish you will continue the same in year 2011-12 as well.Keep visiting this place and keep me buzzing,I am here for you all the time for Silverlight.

Thanks once again and Keep our quote in mind always :

Future is Bright because future is Silverlight !!