Friday, November 7, 2008

Bill Gates Visit to my city “Pune” and DreamSpark is here now !!

Bill Gates visit to Pune :

Kindly read more about Bill Gates Visit to Pune on 6th Nov. 2008 at :

News in my regional language [Marathi] :

Photos :

DreamSpark :

Microsoft announced a remarkable program for Students all over the world. Now its in India !! :)

There are millions of student across the globe who are seeking a bright career in field of Information Technology and Services.

For doing such courses in IT, lot of money is spend by the Universities and college authorities across globe. This is because Software/Programs/Applications which are involved in it for educating students are normally very high in cost.

Microsoft came with a revolution program as “DreamSpark”
This is I should say a big revolution..


For more information on DreamSpark do visit to Indian Version of the DreamSpark Portal at :

BizSpark :

Microsoft has already a very successful program for IT companies across the world, known as Microsoft Certified Partner program

Now on similar lines of DreamSpark, now they have came up with BizSpark.


For more information on BizSpark do visit to the BizSpark Portal at :




Harmony Infotech said...

The initiative is good but not the execution. The site wasn't designed properly to begin with. You can have a look at for more details.

Vikram Pendse said...

Humm..Issue is very valid I agree !!..but language is simply unprofessional..How can someone say.."India Super IT Power" and concat by "My Foot" ??

Anger and/or concern can be shown by dropping a mail to Microsoft to pinpoint the issue and rectify the same..

I as a MVP and Community Lead..want to ask that specific person..what is more important to India to become Super IT Power..

1. Correct Spell of Hyderabad on DreamSpark site?


2. Benifits which students are going to get for their bright career,who are going to make a strong nation in coming years?

Think logically..we are not computers to just do spell check..we are Humans who created them !! ;-)

So one spelling mistake will does not make any difference.


Harmony Infotech said...

That is a valid point. I Agree. The words could have been toned down little. There wasn't any point to sound it so bad. Mistakes like this happen all the time. Lets hope MS take care of the issue as soon as possible.

Btw I have already send a mail to a microsoft person whose mail was listed on some news article but haven't got any response yet.

Vikram Pendse said...

Thanks Harmony Infotech for pointing out this issue, I have mail this thing to the concern person at Microsoft and he replied me that he will look after this issue.

So let's wait for a some time and lets see what it gives back to us.

Thanks again !


Vikram Pendse said...


I got confirmation mail from one of the MS fellow and mail says that issue is now fixed.

Do feel free if there are any more.