Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Windows 7 : Lap around new version of Windows

Windows 7 finally come to meet all of us in great event PDC2008, There is always lot of excitement when something new is getting launched. Why so..simple reason is people now a days are prefer more customize things and personal things which runs under their local language settings.

Well, I am here going to share my hands on experience with Windows 7, I humbly request my readers that, this build of Windows 7 is a testing build and pre-release beta, so whatever features which I am going to mention right now may be get change or even removed in coming builds, since its totally not our policy.

So lets go ahead and see what's new in Windows 7, This is I am planning to share in two sets of article, so may be I will again write one article if I found any more stuff to show you.

Windows 7

Installation :


It took around 18-20 minutes to install total build of pre-release of Windows 7, I tested it on 1 GB RAM, 80GB HDD,Intel Centrino Processor, worked very smoothly and yes most of the installation options are similar to Windows Vista.

Welcome to Windows 7 :


Very friendly and customizable UI is for Windows 7, First time even I was in surprise mode, I found many of the functional and UI part very much inline with Windows Vista Ultimate which is I work with everyday.

"Start" button I found very glowing one when I mouse hover it.

No Sidebar :

You must have observe that there is now no such compulsory Sidebar which is getting popped up on Windows start in Vista which also sometime becomes heavy due to Gadgets loaded on it.

From screen above you can see that, Now I can drag and drop gadgets and put them anywhere I want, This is new feature provided by Windows 7.

Right Click Menu :


Now you can see the "Gadgets" option which I was talking about.

New Improved Taskbar :

There was lot of demand from public to have good customizable and stable Taskbar, so here it is, with reference to first screen and rest :



One more thing I would like to mention that, there is not such "Quick Launch" stuff now, whatever Items you feel good you can drag drop those on taskbar to made them Quick .

You still have Thumbnail preview in Taskbar like Vista where you can see a simple snapshot of application which is active.

Now with Windows 7 , more spice is added to it, now you can see a small "Cross" red button on Thumbnail preview also where you can close certain application from preview itself.

Also a small up arrow now pops up with the recent files which have been open using that particular application.

To make certain application as "Quick" in Taskbar,now you have a option of "Pin this program to Taskbar".

Built in XPS Viewer :

XPS Viewer is now built-in with Windows 7

Clock and Show Desktop and Tray for rest of Icons :


You can see a small Tray with "Customize" option, now rest of all icons which are now "Quick" now sits over here in this small tray, which I personally feel a damm good feature !

No need to wild guess, yes the small Rectangle next to clock is now a "Show Desktop" button.[ I spend around 2 hrs then after wild clicking here and there I found this out, but its fun!!]

Improved UAC :

There was only two states in Vista as Turn on or Turn off UAC, something interesting and different here, see this :


Now it comes with various states starting from "Always Notify" to "Never Notify" and you can adjust these with scroll bar, it do shows description of each level in right side yellowish box.

Screen Resolution Settings :

On similar lines of UAC, they are now giving Scroll Bar for adjusting the screen resolutions, see this :


That's all for me about Windows 7, offcourse this was just Lap around, I will be covering more Tips,Tricks and new stuff in and about Windows 7, Hope this post will give you vision about what is coming to you in coming days in terms of "Windows 7" 

So get ready for long ride !! Windows 7 is here..



Milind Bhat said...

hey vikram

will you please check from where we can download an alpha or beta version of windows 7 os

Sarvesh said...

Hello Vikram,

Looks like Vista issues with UAC is going to get very easy for all the application vendors as Microsoft has changed the configuration for the same.

I think already someone asked you the same but.. where can we get the installation media of windows 7 ?

Please notify so that we can twink our apps accordingly.

Thank you for posting this one - on the behalf of all the people who enjoy new technology from Microsoft.

S a r v e s h

Vikram Pendse said...

Dear Milind,

Link for downloading alpha or beta is not available currently.

Kindly have patience,publicly it will be made available as per Microsoft policy.

Vikram Pendse said...

Dear Sarvesh,

Link for downloading alpha or beta is not available currently.

Kindly have patience,publicly it will be made available as per Microsoft policy.

I will do inform you all once it is available publicly.

Thanks for visiting !


Vikram said...

Hey Hi,
Is Windows 7 Provides improved tools which will be helpful for Sysadmins?
For e.g. Remote Application Sharing / additional functionality given in RDP / Easily Configure components.
And What is the version of IIS?
Are they provide support for cloud computing?


Vikram Pendse said...

Dear Vikram,

I think it will be very early comment,need to wait for Beta version or Beta 2 then things might get clear more.

I am soon covering rest of the features and tips,so do watch out for my next article coming soon.


Peeyush Agrawal said...

I do have a copy of Win-7 Build 6801. If u need this, do reply. I suppose, this is not piracy.

Vikram said...

Ohh okay okay...
thanks for the info