Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terror attacks on Mumbai : India’s 9/11

This blog post is tribute to those 14-15 Brave Mumbai Police Cops, NSG Commandos, Army personals and Staff of Taj and Oberoi Hotel,Nariman House who lost their life, who got very deadly injuries and who lost their friends and family members in a brutal and dirty attack by Terrorist on India’s biggest Metro and Capital of Maharashtra “Mumbai”.

This I personally think was most deadly attack ever happen anywhere in the world, more worst than 9/11 happen in US.160 innocents Dead and more than 300+ injured badly, more than 50 hours of gun and grenade battle at 10 different places of Mumbai.

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[Photos from various Blogs and News updates on Internet]

Big loss to our nation, but Indian and local government fight it out very well and finally able to wipeout terror out of Mumbai finally on early morning today along with unforgettable contribution of Police and Army of India.

I Pray to God for all those who lost their lives to protect us,protect nation, I pray for those who lost their love ones..May God Bless !


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