Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Visit to Microsoft,Mumbai


It was a damm wonderful time last week..last weekend I went to Mumbai for MSP Boot Camp..MSP is Microsoft Student Partner..though I am not MSP but I went there on behalf of PuneUserGroup with whom I am from last 2 years.

It was total fun..and great learning exprience for me and my UG fellows.I attended "Soft skills" session by Sarang Datye who is MS employee,Then I attended Sanjay Vyas Session on "Power of Visuals", Then MVP Nauzad took quick and wonderful session on "WebServices in ASP.NET".

I played lot of games on XBOX there..there was a separate room for that..We after our session had total fun at our Hotel till Midnight 2 PM..we were shouting,Dancing,Singing Songs..loads of fun.It was very good exprience.

And how can I miss my journey from Pune to Mumbai with Sarang and Mahesh..we twice lost our road..we were just roaming on same road for 1 Hr..were totally confused by flyovers..and Most funny part was we were standing in front of Microsoft building..just few distance away..building was visible..but still..Mumbai roads and we were newbies..so it took us 20 mins..till that time we just moving round n round around the building..

Lovely journey overall..!! :)


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