Saturday, September 6, 2008

Desklighter : Silverlight on Desktop as Windows Application

I had my session recently on Silverlight 2.0 at Annual DevCon-Developer's Conference in Pune, It went very well and I got good feedback too.

Well, Then onwards,rather these days, Silverlight is really pulling me towards it and I am really spending my all free time to explore and do more hands on Silverlight.

Today I found a brilliant tool on net while reading various articles on Internet.

This revolutionary tool is "Desklighter", a free download tool which I believe is Magic !! , It converts your web based Silverlight application to Standard EXE for Windows, So you can now run your Silverlight Web application on Windows by just double clicking the EXE !!

Do you think I am fooling you? then go ahead and check the link below:

Download it !! Right now !!..Its free and great tool to have.

I tried out converting my Ink Application which I have already blogged about. So what I did just installed this Desklight and given them my XAP file as input and by just a single click it turned into EXE !


Once you download and extract the setup, you will have one EXE and a sample XAP file , just run that EXE and give the XAP path to it like below :


Once you click on Convert, Then it will show you a message if the operation is successful. And then you can run that EXE, as I said earlier it worked for me for my Ink Application, still you think I am joking?


So, download this tool and check it out ! How XAP input give EXE of Silverlight Web Appication, worth trying out.



anuraggawande said...

i have downloaded silverlight. but i dont know how to use.
so can u tell me is there any source to learn basic here??

Vikram Pendse said...

Hello Anurag !

You can follow Article and Tutorials on

This is good resource to start with, Also I do have some basic articles posted here if you check articles from previous months.

Hope this will help.


Anurag Gawande said...

once again i want to ask u a question. is that necessary to have visual studio 2008 for silverlight??