Friday, August 21, 2009

Silverlight 3 Windows 7 GA Countdown for all Windows lovers around the world.

While writing this post..I recollect famous quote “People everywhere love Windows”

My friend and MVP from Pune,India, Anand Khanse who own one of the Best and Big Windows forums in Windows World as “The Windows Club” (Former WinVista Club) was actually looking for some small Blog widget kind of thing to display as a Windows 7 GA Countdown, He tried out few, but then he saw few nice artworks in Silverlight on Web and he then directly decided to do this Silverlight. He called me up and we started this work.But like yours..our passion is also Windows, so we decided to execute this project publicly so that all Windows lovers like you can also share a part !

I made this in Silverlight ( Do I need to tell its Cross Browser? ;-) )

Screenshot :


You can find this on my blog at Topmost right side. You want it??

You want it, you get it !! :) I made it as simple <IFRAME> so that you can plug it anywhere on web as you want !

Visit for Code : (..and the Best Windows Forums too !! )

Also Anand being a real Techie on Windows platform, He also famous for his all time famous tool which he made publicly available here : (Works for Windows 7 too !)

Thanks once again to Windows Club Team and Anand Khanse, Also Thanks to all users who already started displaying this counter on their sites and many more thanks to MVPs and MVP Program for all encouragement !

Hats off to Windows4all !! :

A Silverlight Masterpiece is here which runs Out-of-Browser too !!

I have no idea who build it, but I should say its more than a Wonder ! great work !!

Well, I will be soon with my Part 3 on RIA Services, so be here and keep visiting this place for more and more..



james said...

I love Mac and iYogi.


Vikram Pendse said...

I love Windows and Explore .NET with Vikram Pendse.