Monday, November 23, 2009

Silverlight 4 : A long term player

Well, I still not came out of those glorious demos of Silverlight 4 Beta shown by Scott Gu on eve of PDC09..My mind is still in that 2nd Day keynote at PDC..Wow !! Microsoft and Team Silverlight made it !!


You all must be wondering why this place is still silent despite Silverlight 4 Beta announced 2-3 days back, Nothing like that. I am already getting ready to give you lot of good stuff over next couple of weeks.I do blog about Silverlight with demos which I feel that you can use in your day to day business apps. Last time while Silverlight 3 Beta was announced, I wrote full series of articles. This time I am planning to put more concepts than code, Offcourse working code will be there in article, but main discussion will be around the actual practical application of features introduced in Silverlight 4.

Till the time I start filling my Silverlight 4 Beta articles here, A good thing will be to download environment and get ready to see the future !

A good place to visit :

Here are few highlighted features of Silverlight 4 Beta in nutshell :

  • Out of Browser Applications - Elevated Privileges Support,COM interop
  • HTML Hosting Support
  • WebCam/Mic Support (raw stream only)
  • Printing Support
  • Notification aka “Toast” API
  • RichTextBox,Arabic and Hebrew Text Support
  • MouseWheel Support on ScrollViewer, TextBox, ComboBox, Calendar, DatePicker
  • DataBinding Support for DependencyObjects,IDataErrorInfo Support,StringFormat, TargetNullValue & FallBackValue Properties on Binding,IEditableCollectionView and Grouping support on CollectionViewSource
  • Astoria 2.0 Support,MEF
  • Expose Runtime Version to 3rd Party DLLs
  • NGEN Support for Core Runtime Binaries

iPhone Streaming now available :

Silverlight Media Framework :

So out of this Treasure Box what we are going to discuss here? Well, I will touch upon highlighted features like Printing,WebCam/Mic Support, HTML Hosting,RichTextBox and our all time happening discussion here..DataGrid :)

So take a long breath and get ready for yet another drive with Silverlight..Silverlight 4 (Beta)..A long term player in world of RIA/Web..Way to go !! :)



Anil Jadhav said...

NGEN Support ????? You mean Native Image Generator to improve performance ?? if yes then its cool. We have used it in our Desktop ERP application VB.NET

Rajan Gupta said...

Is it possible to do live streaming using multicast ip and UDP protocol
e.g : udp:// can you please tell how is that possible ?