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Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration by Packt Publishing : Book Preview

I am more than happy to share that the book which keep me involved so much from past few months,finally got published and also now available on Packt Publishing and Amazon. Yes ! I am one of the Reviewer of this book with my fellow friends Marius Constantinescu,Laurent Duveau and Russell East. The book is published by Packt Publishing. I worked as reviewer for this Book which is now titled as “Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration”. Gastón C. Hillar is Author of this book.This book is very unique ! With SharePoint 2010 lot many features got introduced by Microsoft, Along with that, Silverlight is another Technology which is creating a solid wave in Technical communities around the universe.


About Author :

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Target Audience :

All Silverlight and SharePoint Developers and Enthusiast with some awareness about both technologies.

Acknowledgement Section :

I am happy to share these images out of book with you :)

Author’s words :


I dedicate this Book to My Family,Friends,India MVP Program and Team Silverlight at Microsoft for all their support for my work and activities :)


My Personal views on this Book :

As we are all aware that Silverlight is Cross Browser Cross Platform Technology and works as Plug-in Mechanism. Silverlight is helping businesses across the world in their day to day apps which we term as Line Of Business applications.

SharePoint on another hand, helping businesses to automate their most of the processes, Keeping day to day things centralized. I mean SharePoint have so many features under one hood. Its all in one solution for business as we know.

This book is about the Integration of Silverlight with SharePoint. In each chapter,Author shows us how the integration is powerful and how one can create wonders out of that.

About the Book : (via Packt Publishing site)

    • Develop and host Silverlight Rich Internet Applications in SharePoint 2010 Pages
    • Deploy and debug a Silverlight RIA included in a SharePoint solution by using the new SharePoint deployment features offered by Visual Studio 2010
    • Take advantage of Silverlight 4 features to create rich UX for SharePoint solutions
    • Work with asynchronous SharePoint requests and queries, and debug their execution
    • Retrieve information from SharePoint lists, workflows, and libraries
    • Use Silverlight applications to read, insert, update, and delete items from SharePoint 2010 lists and external data sources
    • Combine external data sources in SharePoint 2010 and interact with them through Silverlight
    • Create Web Parts that host multiple Silverlight applications
    • Create Visual Web Parts that render Silverlight applications
    • Consume SharePoint 2010 WCF Data Services in Silverlight applications
    • Use Silverlight multimedia controls and features to display information to users taking advantage of the processing power offered by their client computers
    • Enhance the responsiveness offered by SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Parts by transforming them into Silverlight Rich Internet Applications

Other Reviews by my friends :

Davide Zordan :

Russell East :

Siddharth Mehta :

My Rating : * * * * * (5 Stars)

Would you like to check out Sample Chapter ? :

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I would like to say big “Thank You” to Poorvi,Geeta,Wilson from Packt Publishing and their entire Team who given me opportunity to become Reviewer of this unique book which will be going to be a unique resource of Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration. Thanks to Pack Publishing once again !

How can I forget you guys? :) ..You are the one who always shown confidence in me. Given me encouragement for my work in Silverlight Technology and Community work I am doing along with my day to day routine..Million Thanks to all of you !!

See you soon with some more books..Silverlight and much more !



Vasudev said...

Nice Vikram !!
Congrats !!

Vasudev said...

Nice Vikram !! Congrats !!

Vasudev said...

Nice Vikram ! Congrats !!