Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silverlight On Mobile : Using EQATEC Profiler for your Windows Phone 7 Applications

I hope you like my last article on Invoking WCF service in Windows Phone 7 Application, with that article we are soon moving to CRUD operations, Data Binding and will soon explore various navigations and other features of Windows Phone 7

Today I am writing down this small informative article just to let you all know that we now have World’s first ever Profiler for Windows Phone 7. Two days back I came across it,I downloaded and evaluated at my end. I find it very interesting and useful,so I thought I should go ahead and share with you all. So those of you are building apps or already developed apps for Windows Phone 7, This is the right tool for you to check in and out of performance and other things about your application.

Where to get Profiler :

Profiler is developed by EQATEC folks and you can check their website for more information. They have profiler for Silverlight,CF and others as well. Simple download, Free version I have downloaded and I will be using that for this article. You can find forums,FAQs and other information on their portal.


You can visit for more  : http://www.eqatec.com/Profiler/Home.aspx

Build :

Installation process is very simple and straight so no twists and turns in that. Once you installed this profiler, Start it !


This is the initial screen you will be getting once you start the Profiler. You are suppose to click on “Browse” button to locate your application dll (Not XAP) which you can find in Debug folder.You will also get various options for the overall Profiler environment by clicking on “Add options”, you will get following window for more options :


Once you pick your dll, then you need to click on build (profiled version) and then click on Run.

Run :

Once you hit “Run” button, it will prompt you and you need to specify whether you are connected to actual device or an emulator. In my case,its emulator :


Once you make a choice, it will port your app and you then need to wait till app gets started on any.


Once your application starts, you will find that “Take snapshot” and “Reset Counters” buttons on Profiler are enabled, so now you can start profiling and taking snapshots as per your requirements.


You can take multiple snapshots and you can see them listed in “snapshot reports” option from where you can view individual.


View :

Once your snapshot activity is over, you can see individual report (.eplog) file by selecting it and clicking on “View” like this :




In this way you can find each small details with your app.

Compare :

EQATEC Profiler provides facility to compare to profiling reports, In this way you can compare your results and can do needful with your app. You are suppose to select two which you want to compare from UI and then you will be getting comparison amongst the two.


That’s all from my side today about the Profiler for Windows Phone 7. I encourage you to kindly download and evaluate this World’s first Windows Phone 7 emulator, If you have actual device by chance or wish to see how it will work on actual device, then check this Channel 9 Video :


Keep visiting this place, tons of stuff coming on your way for Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight.


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