Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia and Microsoft : Connecting People with Windows Phone 7 .. Really ?

Today’s announcement made about Nokia and Microsoft created lot of buzz all over internet. Some people calling it as smart move,Some are saying that Microsoft helped Nokia from sinking down.Really? 

What is the future looks like ?


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Sweets for Asia ? :

Where ultramodern devices with 3G floating across US and Europe, Countries like India still in waiting mode for 3G (We recently had big 2G scam that’s a different story), Windows Phone 7 is still White Elephant in countries like India where we still have no clue about Marketplace and I am sure with today’s announcement we think situation will be relax now and soon something will work for we Indians (Claim to be biggest Offshore Development Hub in world and 2nd largest Microsoft Development Center is in India). You check or ask any Indian common man,what phone/device he/she got? Answer is Nokia ! So will today’s announcement is to attract more people from here where Phone users by numbers touching billion marks. So will it create big business for Microsoft and Nokia from Asia? Well, this is my guess, Business Analysts will have better views over me.

Symbian, Silverlight on S60 .. R.I.P ?

After Windows Mobile 6.x and Sky size success of iPhone and Android,Microsoft decided to change the equation and kept a vision where XBOX,Zune and Cloud will play with each other on one common mobile platform and hence there was birth of Windows Phone 7 having Silverlight as core platform for development.

I personally never saw any around me doing apps with Silverlight for S60 or running Silverlight Apps on S60,I never saw any technical session in any of the Microsoft events in India or community talks for Silverlight on S60.So what happen to that? Is it dead (unofficially?)

Symbian for more information.

What still makes this page to be there that is something personally I don’t understand !

Will Nokia sell its devices with Symbian in future? or they will force customers for Windows Phone 7 is a big question.

Ok ! Application Market ?

Mobile without apps is like Car without wheel ! so what Symbian apps developers will plan for now? Nokia fans only can tell you this.Apple is clear winner here and even Android.Check this blogpost which is loud and clear !

Is Nokia going Samsung way? Samsung is with their Bada and also having WP7 device,So Nokia have something similar in mind? well coming future only can answer that !

Who is Jackpot Winner ?

Application Developers !


Tons of Apps and Millions of Users if it works out on Nokia, So there will be hell lot of development will happen (what they are saying as “burning platform”), More downloads will generate more money. Current Windows Phone 7 Developers will be easily jumping to Nokia devices.So this is very positive sign !

Microsoft’s amazing and growing Windows Phone 7 software platform and Nokia’s infrastructure will in future surely going to change equations of Mobility and business.

Future :

If Windows Phone 7 fills all the gaps as a platform if we compare to Windows Mobile 6.x and if Nokia manage to put this platform on Jazzy and low cost devices, Microsoft is winner at end of the day !

My 0.02 $ :

Learn Silverlight ! Read this announcement again :

Check out what and how much you can earn from this ! Worry about your profit and loss and not profit and loss of Nokia and Microsoft. Let them take care of that, You focus on apps ! :)

Well, with this I am soon coming back with much more stuff on Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight.See you soon !


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