Thursday, April 14, 2011

Silverlight 5 : A step ahead from Microsoft

Hello folks, Hope you all had fun at Mix 11 keynote online/offline. Well almost 10+ hours back Scott Gu announced availability of Silverlight 5 Bits for Public which was formally announced earlier. I have composed few post last night, Just giving final touches, till the time I want you people to get sync with me by downloading Silverlight 5 bits so that we can enjoy it together !


What Should be your First Step ? :

Download Silverlight Bits,Videos and necessary documentation from here :

Should I migrate my Silverlight 3/4 Apps to Silverlight 5 ? :

I personally will not recommend that. Silverlight 5 is in Beta right now,so its better to create some smart PoCs and test it out inside out then you can have migration plan in place.

Will these bits will cause trouble to my current Silverlight/WP7/Expression setup ? :

You can run these new bits can parallel without tampering anything from earlier installations. Installations are smooth and straight forward, No complex steps involved.There is a Runtime for Mac OS is made available, check on the link I mentioned above.

What should I have as pre-requisite to go ahead with Silverlight 5 ? :

From tooling perspective, You need to have Visual Studio 2010 SP1,If you don’t have that, please get it today from Microsoft site. Beside that if you know XAML and C# fair enough, it will be smooth learning for those who are going to learn Silverlight 5,I mean to say fresh people to Silverlight Technology.

Silverlight is Core platform for Windows Phone 7, So with this Silverlight 5 anything got added to Windows Phone 7 toolkit ? :

What Microsoft released yesterday was totally to do with Web and OOB Silverlight, There were several announcements made by Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 including Mango update,but this bits have nothing directly to do with that. I will let you know about that in a separate post later.

What am I going to see here on this Blog in coming days ? :

Tons of good stuff including Silverlight 5,Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight 5 + Some third party stuff (Remember my Balder post for Windows Phone 7,Some more coming on the same line).

I will initially going to take a stab at new Silverlight 5 features and then I will take them each one deep dive like I try to do always.

So download bits today from :

..and stay tune for my next post coming up.

Future is Bright .. Future is Silverlight !



swo said...

Will these bits will cause trouble to my current Silverlight/WP7/Expression setup ? :

Please take a look at :

Jeff Handley wrote Note: you cannot have both SP1 and SP2 installed on your machine. Installing SP2 will upgrade your machine from SP1 to SP2.

But SP2 is part of the Silverlight 5 Tools Installation Package!!

Vikram Pendse said...

Thanks swo ! I forgot the WCF RIA point there in the whole story.Thanks a lot :)

Shubhabrata Mohanty said...

Is it supported on iPad now ?

Vikram Pendse said...

Nothing for iPad/iPhone yet except the streaming made available