Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lap Around Microsoft Web Platform Installer 1.0 aka Web PI

All Web Developers know that while doing design and development, we need lots of Tools and Technology, Also we need to assure and keep track of versions too. From Admin point of view, its pain to install all the new software and maintain versions on each and every machine.

To avoid this pain and to give lot of ease for installing new and updated tools, Microsoft now came ahead with its new unique tool as “Microsoft Web Platform Installer 1.0” , in short it is also known as “WebPI”.

WebPI is basically a UI where it displays you the latest tools available from Microsoft for Web Development, It is very simple so now even Developers and Designers can also go ahead and do installations without having any great knowledge of IIS tools and other add-ins. It basically includes Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, SQL Server 2008 Express Edition and the .NET Framework along with IIS, and not to surprise, it also now listing the current updated tools like Silverlight Toolkit for Visual Studio and ASP.NET MVC. So now all you need is just to install this WebPI tool and your Computer will be ready for Web Development.

You can download WebPI from :

Once you install it and run, you will now see the following things :



First it will check the latest tools and updates for Web Development and then it will load a window with three options as :

  • Complete
  • ASP.Net Developer
  • Your Choice

Complete will get you the full suit of software offered, like this :


ASP.Net Developer option will give you tools and updates related to ASP.NET development, like this :


Your Choice option will choice to fully customize the download options like this :


Once you click on Install, it will also give you links to check Legal agreements and terms, like this :




Once you click on “I Accept”, it will start the installation and at the end of Installation it will show you the installation log also, like this :


I hope, This will be helpful for dedicated Web Developers and also to those admins who work really hard to keeping and getting these tools, Now with WebPI, there just few clicks away.


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