Monday, January 12, 2009

Microsoft Tag : New way to go Online !!

“Barcode” is something which we come across day to day especially while we do shopping, “RFID” is bit more advance, where you can really track down items within some specific range and process information.

Imagine..A simple small fuzzy and colorful picture full of small triangle of different colors, If I say you just take picture of that on your Windows Mobile phone and once you do that, it will take you my blog..!! Sounds funny..but its not ! This is what Microsoft Tag all about.

As per the information given by Microsoft, Tag works with the fixed-focus camera lenses common in most mobile devices.So you just aim your camera phone at a Tag and instantly access mobile content, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, and more.Nothing to type, no browsers to launch.


Above screen you will get once you visit and you can learn more about Tag Technology on , You will need to sign up there or you can login using Live ID, It is free to log into Tag site.

Once you login, you will find console like I have shown in following screen, you will find a Create Tag Button on Top side of grid, by which you will be thrown to Tag Creation page. On this page you will be able to do all managerial tasks like Edit,Delete,Export and do reporting about the usage of the same.


Once you click on “Create Tag” button,it will allow you to create different types of Tags, something here to make note that, It will ask you to give details according to the “Tag Type” you set.


Once you create Tag successfully and come back to Main window with Grid, you will find a Export option for the Tag you created, it will basically ask you for type and the way to display it, it export it into either pdf,wmf or xps format.


Below is the sample Export in PDF which I took out from the pdf generated by Tag export option.


I hope you will find this new innovation bit of technology interesting and sooner or later you will start using it too. Below is my Tag for my browser, just click snap of it and come here.




Aashish.....The Pro said...

Sir Microsoft Tag is very nice ....

Just want to know something ...

i also created a tag for my blog page (

When i snap ur tag on my JAVA mobile phone i am downloaded with a contact with ur web address and ur email ID.

But when i snap my own, i am automatically directed to my page ...

have u created the tag 4 ur blog page or something else ????

Aashish.....The Pro said...

Sir I Got It .......

It was a VCard Tag ....

I also Uploaded My tag To My Blog Page ...

-Aashish Singh Negi
SIT Lonavla