Monday, May 18, 2009

TechEd 09 India : Something for every one…

You must be thinking why no new buzz here from last week or so, simple reason, I was at TechEd 09 India in City of Hyderabad [ City in India, Capital of Andhra Pradesh state and world famous for Microsoft IDC, Biryani and Pearl jewelry.] City is beautiful and have various flavors, people here are very helpful and co-operative.

It was major event atleast for me since my Visa request got cancelled this year [for no good reason :P] , so I was bit upset that time since I missed MVP Global Summit this year.I was under impression that I will never able to attend any big Microsoft event under my MVP period,but right then they made announcement for TechEd 09 in India which was happening after a gap of few years.I made my mind,come what may, I must attend this one.

Event started taking shape on various social network sites like FaceBook,Orkut,LinkedIn and recent craze of Twitter. Everyone putting their own idea to make this happen and most amazing way. Community being integral part of such events, was there from first moment. Unconference at TechEd 09 India was made successful by all over India Community leaders.

I arrived in Hyderabad on 12th May, I saw Satyam office [IT nightmare] from outside which was near to my hotel. My hotel was a nice place and hardly few minutes away from Venue. I saw Katrina Kaif that day along pool side of the hotel.After spending lot of time day before event, we came back to hotel.

On 13th May 2009, All entry points were loaded with heavy security, I made check in with my laptop and just entered the lobby, after taking 5 steps hardly, I saw Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer right in front of me walking with his team.After Jazz music of Agni, Steve B took charge of everything.



Steve Ballmer is simply amazing person, once he started talking at keynote, I felt like I am charged with something, I wonder any of the Indian IT big personal could have same impact on people, most of them are in magazine stories, but Steve B is really Iron Man I can say.

After that, I went on attending sessions for next 2 days for ASP.NET 4.0, Silverlight 3, Windows 7 Labs etc. I am most lucky I can say since I was able to attend Stephan Walther’s session.


Well, Technical sessions and HOLs are part of TechEd but beside that there was lot of fun we had with XBOX consoles, Kingfisher ForceIndia Sports car, Microsoft SAM Robot, Microsoft Surface and much more :




P1000540 P1000588 SLCoreCLR


Tim Sneath absence was a big loss for people like me who were almost could do anything to listen him talking on Silverlight and other stuff. but still we had fun with all sessions.

Last day was full with quizzes and takeaways, I won few Intel and INETA Caps with some Microsoft goodies and kingfisher goodies, Bag was about to blow out with those on last day ;), I interacted with many MVPs across Asia and US , Also It given me a great chance to interact with all members of Microsoft India people. Hats off to Microsoft India and Team of Organizers of this wonderful event.There is lot more to write since I experience tons of things..Thanks to Abhishek Baxi, Abhishek Kant, Pradipta Sharma, Sanjay Shetty and rest of the team who made this event “happening”..

Usually I come home from such events with loads of Technical stuff for me, but this time I am really a “Rich” person since I got those lovely new friends at TechEd 09 , God bless Microsoft !! :)


Well, people..make note of this picture..I am coming with fast speed here with loads of new things on .NET 4.0, ASP.NET and Silverlight, so keep looking here..Vrrrooooommmm !!! :)


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