Saturday, May 2, 2009

TechEd 2009 India : Join India’s Biggest Technical Event by Microsoft

Just look at this image I need to say anymore?


Yes !! Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is Keynote Speaker for TechEd 2009 India which is Biggest Technical event by Microsoft starting from 13 May to 15th May in Hyderabad,India.

So, you think that this keynote is only attraction of event?? then you are totally wrong..why I am saying so? look below :


[Tim also written an excellent article on Silverlight CoreCLR after Mix 09]  


[He wrote one of the greatest book on ASP.NET on earth till the day, yes ASP.NET Unleashed]

Beside this loads of Sessions for Developers,Designers,Architects,Managers and CXOs by Top Technical Leaders in India and outside India. Many sessions on Silverlight 3, .NET 4.0, Azure, SQL Server, Windows 7 and many more..

Adding more spice to it, Microsoft giving following which I equally find useful for attendees :



So, what MVPs like me going to do there beside attending sessions?? ..Well, Its going to be loads of stuff for Developers and other Attendees, There will be some side sessions by MVPs, some Blogging and Live Tweeting will be there along with some informative sessions for Community too, This all you can enjoy here :


[So, If you are looking ahead for some Silverlight discussion with me, you can find me here from 13-15 May throughout the day, and I would love to interact with you.]

Well, this was small lap around about TechEd 2009 India by me, so I know you must have several questions in mind, so here I go :

Q) I would like to visit Official Homepage of TechEd 09 India

Ans :

Q) Why I should attend such events like TechEd 09 India ??

Ans :

Q) I am looking ahead for Sessions, I would like to know what sessions are there for me and my friends or my organization

Ans : and Daily breakup at :

Q) I was just going through this Blog post and saw About “Free Certifications”, can you give more information?

Ans :

Q) I heard from my friends who attended various events in US, they told me about “Technology Tents” are they going to be here?

Ans : Yes !! here :

Q) How to Register ? and where I can find more information ?

Ans :

Q) I am very new to Hyderabad / I am first time visiting Hyderabad, can I know some Travel/Accommodations details ??

Ans : Welcome to India for those who are first time visitors here, For those who are from India as well as from outside India, you can find more information here :

TechEd 2009  Venue :

Travel Directions to the Venue from Airport :

Accommodations :

Q) Are there any Social Medias covering this event??

Ans : Yes, here you go !! :)

FaceBook :

Twitter :

and many more you can find on Homepage of TechEd 09 India.

I hope this will be informative for you, so without thinking much,Register right now and just go ahead and drop e-mail to your Boss with Subject line “Will be Out of Office from 13-15 May 2009” ;-) , Also do share this information in your community and friends, So see you there !! :)

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