Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Blog on iPhone.

I am regular reader of http://www.asp.net site, If I am in office, I don't miss to read this site while having a cup of Tea.

Today I found an interesting article there about developing ASP.NET AJAX applications for iPhone which is one of the hot selling phone all over the world. I am frankly speaking, a Big HTC Phone fan.I still feel that HTC Diamond which is the latest release has edge over Apple iPhone, still I am not a better judge for this.

I thought I should share this nice portal URL with you people,especially who are crazy for iPhone, so go to following URL


It is a online web based iPhone simulator which you can use for regular browsing of web pages, it gives feel like you are surfing Internet on iPhone, It do allow to rotate that Handset into 90 Degrees too for exact simulation.

So I directly tested my blog on that, here are some of the screens :



So..got the feel of my blog on iPhone??

Well, This portal also contains some good information about iPhone simulation, As far as ASP.NET AJAX applications are concerned, There is not yet any separate SDK i found especially for .NET integration.

Its fun to test this simulator, hope you will like it,especially iPhone fans.

I am bit surprise..I have not came across such web based simulator for HTC phone.


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