Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Sessions in May at IndSearch Pune

Its damm Happy moment for me to take sessions that too on Microsoft Technology and again on .NET..went perfectly for me..!!

I just completed a year to pass my Master's from IndSearch, and I felt very proud when college as me to give some input to student community there who are now going to choose .NET as their specialization subject for their MBA IT course.

I took 3 Sessions each for 2.5 Hrs on VB.NET from 19th May to 21st May 2008.
There were about 40 + students and their faculties, This was specially conducted for Students who are doing their final year project,
Internship and those who are suppose to work on .NET once they pass out their course.[Final Year MBA IT students]
Feedback will be available with me soon, Here are the details of 3 days.

Platform used for session : Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005.

Day 1 : 19th May 2008 : Introduction to .NET
Topics I covered :
2. Introduction to .NET Framework
3. .NET program life cycle [Compilation,CLR etc ]
4. Demos on Console Application
5. Demos on Windows Application [ I shown ErrorProvider Control, Masked Edit TextBox, Opacity feature of Windows form etc]

Day 2 : 20th May 2008 : Object Oriented Programming and ASP.NET Introduction
Topics I covered :
1. Datatypes, Introduction to Conversion class,Namespaces,Visual Studio IDE features.
2. Classes,Objects,Inheritance
,Polymorphism [Demos on each of one]
3. Error Tracking [ Try Catch..Also I shown things like StackTrace etc]
4. Introduction to ASP.NET, Basic Page Life Cycle, Differences between ASP and ASP.NET
5. Demos on WebForms [ Events and Concept of Codebehind, Postbacks etc. Basic Demos I shown ]

Day 3 : 21st May 2008 : ADO.NET and Introduction to Latest Technologies available with .NET
Topics I covered :
1. What is Connected and Disconnected Architecture? Why it is called as Disconnected Architecture.
2. What are DataAdapter,DataSets,DataTables
3. Demo on DataTable which shows how to add Rows and Columns with Data and Type
4. Demo on DataReader
5. Demo on DataSet
6. Demo on XML file binding to Grid and Writing XML file from DataSet.
7. Introduction to WPF and demos on WPF which shows UI richness and features over traditional WinForms.

It was really good experience for me, I got very good feedback too. I am planing some more sessions there especially on ASP.NET and AJAX.


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